Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stop praying for Indian team

My room became torture cell, because the way India lost was terrible and I still can't believe that we lost the match. Wasted 7 hrs in front of TV screen and what we get, a third class game by world cup contenders, both India and Pakistan shown bad performance.

Indian team broke so many hearts and they have no shame for that, people had been started praying many months ago and what they got in reward, an unforgettable lost. Whats the use of such wishes which never give you any hope. I don't think India will clear even first round. I will watch their remaining games and hope for the best.

The only man who will be happy with this loss is Sourav Ganguly (Aur banao Dravid ko Captain). But i am feeling bad for M.S. Dhoni, Fans damaged Dhoni's house in Ranchi, he is a real hero and he will prove himself in coming match.


Anonymous said...

> they have no shame for that

UNCLEAR. How do you know they have no shame? Did they tell you so? Are you a mind-reader?

Do you think the guys don't try their best every time they play? If so, then why do you WATCH this "third-rate" team? Do something MORE productive with your time.

And anyways, WHO are you to decide and judge them? These men work hard for their cricket. And they owe you NOTHING at all. They are paid by the BCCI and their sponsors, and that is IT. Stop supporting them or seeing cricket, if you want.

Actually - you don't see it for the cricket, do you? You just want India to WIN. What about yuvraj's pull shots? Or those sixes by the teenager Bangladeshis? Did you even notice how good they were? I'm certain that you weren't paying attention to the actual GAME OF CRICKET, only to the Indians and whether they were winning or losing. Read the Bhagwad Gita once again, baalak! karmanye waadhikaaraste...

Of course, with your attitude, you will take "stop supporting" to mean "start cursing". Wait. You've already started doing that! We Indians know how to criticize and pass judgement - but not to suggest something constructive.

And I won't be surprised if something like Bob Woolmer's story happens in India as well. And people like YOU will be responsible for putting all the pressure on the team with your derogatory comments.

> The only man who will be happy with this lost is Sourav Ganguly

HAPPY?? If so, then he is unpatriotic to put himself before the team's loss. And since I believe he is better than that, he'll be the FIRST person to feel insulted by your senseless statement. Once again - please use some logic while expressing your views, Vineet. And encourage others to do so as well. Until we Indians grow up, we will never be a mature people.

> But i am feeling bad for M.S. Dhoni, Fans damaged Dhoni's house in Ranchi

Fans just like YOU and with YOUR ability to judge. Why not do something worthy in your OWN life before going on to attack everyone else - physically or verbally?

Stop seeing cricket - or cursing cricketers. Leave that to Sharad Pawar, Vengsarkar and BCCI. That's THEIR job, not YOURS.

Anonymous said...

nobody has asked you to waste your 7 hours in front of TV. do something better and productive. bcoz those players are never going to waste their time for you.. and after all its only a game.. do u perform the best each day you go out in your profession or study - watever you are involved with ?? nobody is 100% perfect.. you have a right to criticize them if they are playing bad but dont ridicule them.. its a profession for them and everyone has a good or a bad day..