Saturday, March 31, 2007

MBA: Overwhelming Joy

Sometimes I think how many IT Engineer or Master of Business Administration(MBA) professionals are required in our country. Every second person is pursuing MBA, no matter how the colleges/Universities are. Parents think that their children's future will be secure if their kid gets a job in MNC and this security concern is leading our generation in wrong direction. Like other trades are not in good shape because of this narrow thought. Every graduate thinks that he can crack CAT exam but only few of them are lucky but what about rest people who want to fulfill their wish. Ummmm A Non reputed college.

Almost every friend of mine is doing MBA and they are clueless, joined MBA in some non reputed college and irony is that they suggest me to join MBA but never told me why should I join this course. On the other hand some MBA(?) students are doing door to door marketing or a worst case I saw when a MBA degree holder was working for a whole seller(unknown and very small scale company) and sells the products to retailers. Come on such work can be done by any illiterate person.

That day is not far when a MBA will be selling goods on street, or starting his own company on footpath and when sunlight will strike on their face they will know this fact that their future is bright.


Soody Says said...

its not in your country alone, there was a time in pakistan, when whole country is crazy to be a Doctor, than Engineers come than accountants, when accountants are more than businessess than every single one went for MBA and at last whole country want to get a degree in Computer Sciences.I was in the time of MBA so how can i left behind, so i also take the benefit of this trend and got an MBA, you know bhair chall (sheep walk)lol!

AndreaB_212 said...

Your friends should definitely make sure that the MBA programs that they are taking classes from are properly accredited. If they're not then they're wasting their time.

I'm not entirely sure of your view of MBAs in general, so I'm just going to say my peace and hope that I've helped a little. :-)

If you actually did want to pursue an MBA for yourself, there are many different kinds that you could look into. For example, an MBA in Entrepreneurship, if you're interested in that kind of thing. The site that the link will take you to only works with nationally and regionally accredited schools. Honestly, the school that you take classes with has to be legitimately accredited, otherwise it does you no good.

I hope that helped a little! :-)

Anonymous said...

MBA in Entrepreneurship?

That is a joke!

Do you know any real entrepreneurs? Let me assure you none of them needed a MBA to start their business! All you need is the right attitude - do or die trying.

Bill Gates famously dropped out of Harvard University to start Microsoft with his pal Paul Allen.

In the UK, I once came across a philosophy graduate from Oxford Uni. who was happy working as a garbage collector - because he finished his job at 2pm and was free to philosophise the rest of the day!

If you have a good idea then study the lives of successful entrepreneurs to see what lessons you can apply to your situation.

vineet said...

examples like Bill Gates are rare, don't count them and that can be happen in US not in India.