Monday, March 26, 2007

Shakira shakes Mumbai

Shakira was in Mumbai and all TV News channels were ready to cover as many as information about her. I think she had enough entertain the Mumbai public, staying in this tiny city Roorkee is quite boring sometimes. Perhaps Mumbai had a good culture and thats why every big pop star comes from west like to organize his show in Mumbai.

But seriously I was unable to understand why people are so crazy for west, its not like I hate her, 5000 people were come in her show but don't know how many interpret her songs. I can bet you 50% from the crowd would have come due to free passes as we Indians don't want to purchase tickets from own money.

Here is a clip i found on youtube.

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Anonymous said...

Pop stars are like whores - they go wherever they can earn money!

Actually I liked Shakira before when she was working in Latin America - but since she became blond and tried to become another Britney-like slut to break into the US market, her appeal has gone down.