Monday, May 21, 2007

Ram Rahim Babaji in trouble

Dera Sacha Sauda babaji Ram Rahim ji is in big trouble this time. Sardar log will change his name to Dera nuksaan wala Sauda, so no more profitable Dera in Punjab but who suggested him to wear such dress which can bring controversies in whole state and if state is like immature Punjab where people can kill for those who died 400 years ago. But this is typical Sikh style of Punjab :)

Punjab Chief minister is looking for compromise by some request from Sach Sauda Dera and stubborn dera wants to give some fight to Sardars. Yo Yo it would be nice if some freak will kill in this fire who thinks they are god or Angels.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bodybuilding supplement: shall i take it???

After running 2 km twice in a week perhaps i will lose some weight but my tummy is still as it was 4 months back. My gym wala was saying that I should eat the protein rich diet and specially bodybuilding supplements which contains zero fat. Perhaps he wants to sell those products or may be he is right, Or few more pounds can put on my waist, I saw many Goray (Foreigners) who eat such supplements regularly and by god they look like a fitness freak. Don't take panga with them :D

In morning because of heavy rain I came back at home, Gym was converted into a small pond instead of that many guys was doing exercise, Yukkk I cant workout in such untidy environment. Gym owner says he will make his gym fully AC in few months but I am not sure, Sala koi AC Gym bhi nahi hai Roorkee mein.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Baba Swami Ramdev: Yoga Guru

Early in the morning writing this post because with in next 5 minutes I am going to join Swami Ramdev on Aastha Channel, where is guiding us how to do Yoga properly. Watching for last three days and tried few one which makes my day full of energy, by god its something you will never feel before so don't miss or neglect Yoga .

My Gym owner is really scared because he thinks Swami Ramdev will damage his business :). I think his show must come live on National channel so that maximum people will become healthier but government will not like it at all, Health minister says Swami Ramdev is a lair because Yoga can cut off doctors business :D

Patanjali Yogpeeth (where Yoga camps arrange whole year and can get Ayurvedic medicines for any disease) is hardly 12 km from Roorkee and 17 km from Haridwar. Well Patanjali Yogpeeth looks like a five star hotel from outside but I never visit there, may be this summer I will join a Yoga camp for few days.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Like Mario??

Mario :) We all played this game and I still can play it for hours. But now things have changed, have a look at new mario

moto Rokr Vs Sony Ericsson W200i ad

Two ads are coming on TV very often, these are Moto Rokr and Sony Ericsson W200i ad, but its tough to judge what are they selling, a MP3 Player with cellphone??? But both ads are nice. Isn't it??

Christian Missionaries: Curse on India

Christian Missionaries is a disease on India and some VHP type doctors must wanted to fix it. Yesterday few guys attacked on a Principal cum pastor for encouraging school children to eat meat, Principle is seriously injured and hospitalized. This allegation sounds stupid but these missionaries are doing their business very well by providing them some money and job to poor Indians in lieu of their religion.

My favorite fast food corner's owner is also converted from Muslim to Christian because missionaries paid him Rs. 7,00,000 and look he is happy now. Shall all poor Indians adopt Christianity as our religion is unable to fulfill our desires, then 60 percent Indians will be Christian, no matter who you are Hindu OR Muslim.

Look at Kerala where you cant find any other religion except Christianity because of religion based bribe, I mean if anybody change its religion thats ok but its not fair to deal with money and job, like bring your old TV and get a new one, thats why Graham Stewart Staines had been burned in Orissa. And irony is that in Kerala converted Christians have separate churches for prayers. If your religion have enough supreme powers then why do you use money?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jagran can kill your sleeping hours

Its 1 AM in my clock and my neighbors are celebrating their sons marriage by organizing Jagran outside their house, noise is coming like a hell and because of this noise I am unable to concentrate on my work, but who cares. Cant they conduct this function in low volume. But I am happy that this time I am not alone who is awake in mid night. On the other hand I like these things a little bit because of some good devotional songs.