Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Christian Missionaries: Curse on India

Christian Missionaries is a disease on India and some VHP type doctors must wanted to fix it. Yesterday few guys attacked on a Principal cum pastor for encouraging school children to eat meat, Principle is seriously injured and hospitalized. This allegation sounds stupid but these missionaries are doing their business very well by providing them some money and job to poor Indians in lieu of their religion.

My favorite fast food corner's owner is also converted from Muslim to Christian because missionaries paid him Rs. 7,00,000 and look he is happy now. Shall all poor Indians adopt Christianity as our religion is unable to fulfill our desires, then 60 percent Indians will be Christian, no matter who you are Hindu OR Muslim.

Look at Kerala where you cant find any other religion except Christianity because of religion based bribe, I mean if anybody change its religion thats ok but its not fair to deal with money and job, like bring your old TV and get a new one, thats why Graham Stewart Staines had been burned in Orissa. And irony is that in Kerala converted Christians have separate churches for prayers. If your religion have enough supreme powers then why do you use money?


Anonymous said...

I have met American missionaries in the UK targeting young Hindus (age 16+) --- they are often successful because most of these kids are ignorant of their grandparent's culture and in many cases their parents teach them that religion is for old people.

They do not target Muslim kids since Muslim kids are normally sent to after-school classes in Islamic studies at their madrasas - even if that means they lag behind in normal schoolwork!

Anonymous said...

People are worrying needlessly about the Christians. Take their money and convert.

You can recant when you get bored. At least they don't kill you for apostasy. (Unlike the Muslims!)

No intelligent educated person accepts the Christian myth in Europe.

Even Americans are slowly getting educated.

Bart D. Ehrman was a Bible literalist. He became an academic researcher in early Christian history and discovered that there was a lot of forgery in their founding documents.

He has written good books, like Lost Scriptures and Lost Christianities, where he discusses how the current Christian dogma was invented. He now calls himself an agnostic.

I bet the Christian missionaries in India never explain why they are not working hard to reconvert all these lapsed Christians in Europe!

Bloggin with Desi Baba said...

the Anonymous guy really must hate Muslims since he is basing his judgment on stereotypical facts. Anyways, I think Christian missionaries just want numbers in the Christendom. I think they trying to use blackmailing such as giving them money to buy meat to eat but not anything else, then that shows how low they are.

Anonymous said...

Dear Veneet Kumar,

I was an atheist, though born in a Christian family.

I never hated anything but religion which was man made like political parties for personal gains.

I was a drunkard and a chain smoker. Every day I used to consume one bottle of whiskey and 60 cigs.

One evening while having my drinks, I heard a voice commanding me to stop drinking. I did not want to listen but went ahead to drink. What happened then is something which I cannot understand, the taste of the drink changed in such a way I could not continue to drink and so did it happen for my cig.

Ultimately I was changed. My approach to mankind became different. I never hate any religion.

Jesus Christ wanted the Good News to be spread and not religion. He said LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR LIKE YOURSELF and LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

You can do this only if we pardon one another. Why we should not hate anyone is because God Almighty has created you and me in His image, which means we are brothers.

Brothers always have their own choice right from eating habits. You may like Dhal Roti and I like Puri Palya. That does not mean I hate you.

I still will love you because we are bound by Love.

Imagine tomarrow there is a world war and we are fighting another country.

Do you think that we will have a religion barrier. I dont think so, am sure that every religion in our country will fight shoulder to shoulder to shoulder, because India is our family.

Dear brother it is time to realise that we are standing at the edge of time. Kaliyuga. I hope you remember.

Lets stretch our hands of brotherhood and help each other. Do you know millions in our country are still struggling to have even one course meal. Let us fight injustice done to our brothers and sisters rather than dividing our selves.



Anonymous said...

Every time the Christian population in any part of India increases they always create trouble. See North East and now see Orissa. The Sangh Parivar is quite right to be vigilant against such forces of darkness but still violence is never an acceptable means to show displeasure. A better approach is to expose the real designs of this padres and evengalists. True love of Lord Jesus who was truly sent to free us can be only experienced outside the python like grip of the church in all its forms --

luxan said...

True believers in Jesus Christ (not like Benny Hinn, etc) have sacrificed for humanity's good everywhere and throughout the ages. They have done no one wrong. They have built the first hospitals, schools, sewer tteatment plants, and provided the most dedicated and loving service. They lay their lives down for others, following the supreme sacrifice Himself. They weep with the hurting; they smile when the downtrodden is lifted up; they stay awake with those spending sleepless nights in misery; they take up the fatherless and widows; they rescue the orphans born to defenseless temple prostitutes; etc etc. And for this you say Christians are a disease! What erudition, Sahab! You did not study at a Christian school, did you? Did you ever wonder why India is so destitute in spite of its technological capital and wealth? Ask the BJP and RSS leaders and their Sai Baba's, all of whom rape and murder and steal and dehumanize us. Lord Jesus came to give His life as a substitute for us: the others want us to kill one another on their behalf. Whom will you choose? Intelligently, now!

Vineet Kumar said...

Perhaps we were talking about the Missionaries not the Christians.