Monday, April 30, 2007

Sri Lanka lost

Australia won the world cup but for me its unfair with Sri Lanka, perhaps weather condition spoiled the final game and it costs Sri Lanka heavily. Sri Lanka could play better if the game will continue from next day but look at the irony of rules where bad lights can resume the game from next day but for rain they reduce the overs which is very awkward. Well Sri Lanka could win this cup if they won the toss because in second innings Murli factor could demolish the whole Australian team. But Cricket is a game where toss and rain is enough to decide the winner.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Indian Flag on Mandira Bedi's Saree

New controversy began on the eve of Cricket world cup final match between Sri Lanka and Australia. She is hosting the show with Charu Sharma on Sony Television. Madira Bedi wear a Saree which was looking good as all Cricket playing nations was printed on that but Indian flag was coming below her knee as a result star news developed it a national issue.

I think nothing is wrong in wearing clothes with tricolor but Indian constitution doesn't allow such things, you can wear tricolor above the waist. Thanks to our young MP Mr. Naveen Jindal who made it possible otherwise few years back even you can hoist the Flag on your Terrace.

Friday, April 27, 2007

ITR (Income tax return)

Last year I got my PAN Card and now I am thinking to submit the Income Tax Return, both are silly mistakes. I am looking for a advocate who will make a fake Income certificate because I am working from home and I don't have enough proof to prove my annual salary. Perhaps my account details will work. but from next year I will submit it regularly on original salary till then lets find some jugaad.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Help Help Dollar is drowning

Grrr, my salary is going down and down because of blushing rates of US currency. What should I do now, I am clueless, hay Georg Bush do you hear me. Plz provide some strength to your shity currency.

Australia: 2007 world cup winner

Australia beat South Africa with ease yesterday and now one final match is in between Australia and Sri Lanka, some people are saying that Sri Lanka is going to lift the Cricket world cup 2007 but I think Australia is still unbeatable because of their team effort, Sri Lanka is still behind in batting and bowling departments.

Well, I am happy that none TV advertiser is showing our flop heroes and it should be continue.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sri Lankans are into the finals

Sri Lankans are into the finals of the Cricket Worldcup 2007 and picture is coming out who is going to win WC 2007, in 1999 Australia beat Pakistan in finals, in 2003 Australia beat India in Finals and this time Sri Lanka will be the Australian's target.

Today is another WC semifinal match and my money is on Aussies, Aussie are playing very good cricket, very high standard with no chance for error.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuition for MCA entrance exam

I missed my first tuition class for the entrance exam preparation of MCA and I don't know how will I go there regularly, because I am not a punctual guy at all, my timings are always 1-2 hrs late, never reached on time any where no matter whether its a interview call or my school days. Ummm perhaps I will reach on time on my first date :D

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Obsessed with Abhishek and Aishwarya marriage

Every TV channel is showing you some clippings of Abhishek and Aishwarya marriage, and saying that the most famous marriage of this world and etc etc. Mehandi for Aish brought from Surat and bla bla, I mean there are many things in this country are important then this marriage. Perhaps media is searching some good replacement of Cricket.

Yes mother of all news was the gal called Jhanvi Kapoor attempts to suicide for Abhishek outside his Bungalow, gal was saying that Abhishek did some commitment with her, I think that the gal is right because Abhishek was not a big star by that time, and I still feels that he cant do anything except gazing.

Another end for KBC

Last thrusday KBC was in its final show of this season, but I must admit that Sharukh Khan was rocking on this show or at least better than the Big B's shows. SRK sense of humor is awesome and he proved it on KBC. On its last episode the celebrities were looking gorgeous, Katrina Kaif with Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra with Kareena Kapoor . I am not a big fan of all of them but I like Kareena Kapeer a little bit.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

OBC Reservation is not working in Uttarakhand

I have been living here for 20 years but unable to get a caste certificate for admission in MCA, because according to new rules in Uttarakhand I don't belong to this state. Idiot Pahadi thinks that they are the right person for the jobs and admission in colleges, no matter how do you get them, come on after living five years you can get Indian Nationality but cant get a state domicile/caste certificate in 20 years.

I know after some bribe to government officials I will get the certificate but this is something very occurred when it you came to know that you are living in India but u cant get a domicile/caste certificate because your grand father was not living here.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Running - Can I lose some pounds

Another tiring morning, working till morning and then took a 2 km run then reached to gym and after wasting 2 hrs came back at home. My coach says that running is the best way to shape your body. Running is very effective as it doesn't need any kind of extra effort like swimming does, where you must search a pool but in India pool culture is not popular yet. If have money then you can dig one swimming pool in your house like MS Dhoni did, but we(poor) people either swim directly on the banks of Ganga River or don't swim.

Unlike swimming pool in my city Roorkee you don't need any pool pass/membership fee for swimming and look we every year 30-40 people drown in Ganga. Last week about 7 people drown in the river, may be they drunk or etc etc, 10 years back when I was in 10th std. I almost drown in Ganga but my friend save my life and I can still remember those moments. That was horrible experience and after that I never tried to take a bath in Ganga again.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Government Lucky Draw: Where luck fails

I placed a registration for a plot at Haridwar where things were not according to me, as usual I was unlucky and my name was not in the final list displayed at Haridwar Development Authority office. May be because of some partiality my name was not in the list but I would say this is destiny.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Famous Funda In India: Just Fall In Pit

If you want some media coverage then its very easy in India, just find a pit/water well and throw your child in it. But be sure you have informed to electronic media then media will show you how things are working for that child from day one till child come out successfully. For such kind of accident government sends Army to help our good for nothing local administration. Good use of Army, you can't find such use of Army anywhere in the world.

These cases are taking place in the villages where people start digging for water and open that pit till somebody drops in it.

Am I too old to compete in MCA

For 2 years I was thinking to take admission in MCA so ultimately I brought a form for MCA entrance examination of Gurukul Kangdi Haridwar but when i read all terms and condition I found that I cant make any attempt to entrance exam under General quota as my age is crossing 45 days more than what University age limit is. ummm 25 years is the maximum age what they are hoping for but Its my bad luck.

Am I too old?? Perhaps but for me its a matter of a degree nothing else, my friend was saying that I can brought a MCA degree from Meerut University but I want to feel the college life which is still missing. I did my graduation from IGNOU and under virtual campus that wasn't a good experience. Last year things were not against me, I was thinking to take admission in MCA but destiny is something which controls your decisions.

Now Either I must pay 1 Lac extra as Donation to Gurukul or try in Uttarakhand Entrance Examination, so options are limited as i have crossed the age limit of study.

Moral of the story: Parents says that you must complete your education if you want a good bride.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Richard Gere kisses Shilpa Shetty = Controversy

It looks like like Shilpa Shetty knows how can she focus the limelight of glamor world on herself. Sometimes back she was in news because of racist remarks on the sets of Big Brother. Now both Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty were in Delhi for AIDS awareness program and look both were trying to spread the kiss awareness program.

Whole country is feeling shame for ridiculous behavior by Richard Gere, I don't think anyhing is so serious about this issue. Media is trying to cash this issue and make it a poll game throug SMS but who will decide what Shilpa should do in her life at least Poll isn't the right way. Every channel is showing the clippings again and again for increasing the viewers no matter what else is doing in rest of the world. So at last I switched on the BBC World for better news.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sonia Gandhi: Flogging a dead horse

For me Uttar Pradesh elections are no more for Congress party. Its a very tough task for Congress to take a comeback in UP where bullets are more effective than ballot. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi can pull mammoth crowd but how many will turn into vote bank is still a question. But crowd during Sonia Gandhi rally is also a nightmare for other parties. Prime Minister is also going to hit trail in UP and road shows of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi is also going on.

Our Prince Mr. Rahul Gandhi is framing charges against Mulayam Government but I personally believe that Mulayam did a good job as a CM except some flaws due to center and state coordination, one example is still alive and that is state transport between UP and Delhi is still on halt due to some big ego problem with State Transport Minister of Delhi Mr. Haroon Yusuf. Whatever Mulayam has done for Uttar Pradesh is good but young blood like Rahul Gadhi can create some good environment in our sick politics.

Few years back Mulayam was presenting his son as a replacement of Rahul Gandhi in UP but Mulayam Singh's Kid is completely failure in politics. Media is supporting indirectly Sonia Gandhi don't know why, may be because of old connections between Congress and media.

Ummm one good news, you may get a ticket for MLA from BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) as Mayawati is on sale :D

Friday, April 13, 2007

Cable TV Sucks Choose DTH

Three years ago if your cable wala was giving you a pathetic telecast OR unnecessary hike in rent then you would not have any other way to kick him out from your daily life but now things have changed, I can threaten my Cable wala by DTH(Direct To Your Home). And now look now things are working very effectively, Cable wala sudhar gaya hai, he comes on a single call and try to deliver us a better broadcast with less interruptions.

I don't want to fire him because he is with us for 13 years but sometimes he motivates me to purchase a Dish Antenna :). Dish TV is quite expensive (about Rs. 100 extra per month) but its quality is awesome, my tenant use TATA Sky and they are very happy with it. In my home we use one TV but Dish TV can create problem if u use 2 or more Television sets.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Palcom alias Looters

I hate writing on such things, especially on computers but thanks to palcom web pvt ltd which is a web hosting company who was dealing with my domains and few more, web hosting and domain registration were the services I was getting from this greedy company, which was never interested to tell me the user id and password of my control panel(sir you must pay extra for control panel) but fortunately if they give me such thing then nobody can tell you when your account can suspend or they can change the password or your control panel without any prior information notice. As you can see the real status of my site here

I was asking for the authorization code for 3 months to change my domain registrar, but as usual no information came. Few looters are running this company where nobody is ready to take the responsibility and price will be higher for those who don't know what is the current market rates of web hosting.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Adnan Sami: Looks Slim Trim

Adnan Sami new album Teri Yaad Aati Hai sounds good but most amazing thing is that he lost 106 kg in just 6 months, one good suggestion, VLCC should hire him as Brand Ambassador. Otherwise how would you describe Adnan Sami, ummm a 200+ kg weight who could die any moment due to overweight, perhaps his 2007 resolution came in this form. He looks better now. More

Item girl Rakhi Sawant

Recently I found that on TV channels one beautiful(?) lady is ruling and that is none other than Rakhi Rawant, she is hosting a show, coming in music video as super woman etc etc. This lady is getting more than she deserves, You can find a dinosaurs but it's impossible to find a Rakhi Sawant's fan on this earth.

Sometimes I feel that she is a man in gal's body, looks ugly with lots of attitude in her talks like she is the worlds most beautiful woman and people are crazy to see her but she knows how to get cheap popularity, no matter how do u earn that, by controversial dance in Kolhapure or kissing scandal(publicity stunt) with Mikka(another idiot) as usual our news channels treated those issues as national issues and joined it with the woman dignity and respect and look Rakhi and Mikka both are happy now.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Digital Cam Vs Handy Cam

Ummmm, I want to purchase a Camera for the digital photography, confused a little bit between digital camera or Handy Cam, handy cam may be useful for the other purpose in future but its little more expensive than the digi cam on the other hand one point is also crawling in my mind and that is a Mobile phone with camera, but mother of all is how much money i have :D

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bye Bye Greg Chappell

At last Sachin send him back to Australia. These white peoples think that they are the best in any manner. Can raise questions on the loyalty of players. They think they are more patriotic then Indians are. Only Greg Chappell was right and other team members were wrong, one or two players can be wrong but 5 players including Sachin, naa. I think after WC defeat Greg Chappell was trying to save his job and the resultant is that he is no more with the team.

You may fire any player because of its bad form but to criticize players like Sachin that he is not loyal for his country is awful.

Perhaps Greg Chappell is not the only responsible person for the defeat but coach can make you a champion, look at Bangladesh, they are playing very well. Indian team moral is finished and now Rahul Dravid should resign as Captain because its not an easy task for selectors to step him down. Rahul Dravid is failure as a Captain. And look irony is that he is enjoying his defeat at kovalam beach.

Believe in god??

Yesterday I was watching a program on TV the host was saying that nothing is impossible for god, we can pray for you and god will help you to cure your problem. so I requested to pray for me through email, I sent them a request on this website.

According to their reply within few days they will organize a prayer at the feet of god. God bless me, this Psoriases will cure completely. Psoriases is a very bad skin disease where you lost confidence, good skin and a fair amount of money in treatment but due to my good friends and family members I faced this disease but who knows what will happen in future.

Generally I don't believe in miracles but it happens when u face a non ending problem. Because according to doctors its incurable and then you start looking towards GOD.

Mr. Suresh Chand Jain: A real politician

My friend who was working hard for BJP during election without asking for a penny was cursing BJP yesterday because he thinks that now Mr. Suresh Chand Jain (MLA) of our city wasn't entertaining him. An unemployed guy who is looking for help isn't getting any appointment from our leaders. Why?? Because now our honorable(?) MLA thinks that he is too busy with the state and Uttarakand cant be run without him.

Well this is the old format where every politician forgets why he elected and that why I want to become a politician to kick off such Leaders.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ex Lovers at their love's funeral

How rude to invite Salmam Khan and Vivek Oberoi on the eve of Aishwarya Rai's wedding. And look poor Salman Khan is already busy practicing dance moves for her wedding and also recieve guest at Aishwarya's home. Ummm Vivek role isnt clear yet but it will be very tough for both to attend her marriage.

How could u attend marriage of your ex gal friend. Must say brave heart. Do you have such guts, fake smile on your face when somebody is stealing your beloved. Well this is called a professional attitude in terms of celebrities, isn't it??

Baharon(Salman and Vivek) nay khilaya phool(Aishwarya Rai), phool ko legaya Raajkumar (Abhishek Bachchan) :D