Thursday, February 28, 2008

Football Hunter is the blog name we will use to start blogging in next two or three days.

Wish me the good luck !!

Ok i should sleep now otherwise one more off will take place tomorrow and that will make a whole week off for me, that means lots of lose of study and a bunch of assignments.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Football blog

Ummm thinking about starting writing on football blog and it needs a content writer, perhaps my friend Varun Rawat will help me out from this situation, he is ready to write for me with a lots of enthusiasm.

Well it will be nice to see how much traffic we ppl can get through such blogs, and one more blog will be for wordpress and php related issues, of course i m not a champ in both but yeah for novice it will be worth. Looks like I m going to face lots of trouble in coming days as my bollywood website is on hold and must polish my skills about security stuff.

Bandwidth theft

My distributed server is down as i m an idiot who was just off for 4 days and when i came back it was almost free flow of copying content all around by 3 blogs so far i have identified and removed my content by requesting them, but 4th domain seems me a stubborn and looking for a permanent solution. The best part of this copy content is the RSS feeds which is a panic for me now. Lunar pages staff is good as far as help desk is concern. And these guys are really resolved the issue, 2 days they shifted me on their third class server and now they stopped my account and all activities. It is my securities leaks and a lesson for future.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Raj Thackeray Bail

You just cant hang him for his statements, I think its democracy and everybody has his own rights to express his views. What wrong in that?? I was just watching starnews and they made a punch line something like Adaalat Laachaar, Raj kaa Gundaraj (sorry forgot), Court is doing his work, but what media is doing in this whole show is to spread fire more rapidly and made this such a big issue that thousands of ppl are leaving Maharashtra everyday. Politicians like Raj Thakrey is not a big deal to tackle in India. The main thing is that

-> Media made it a news.
-> Coward congress is unable to take any action due to Marathi vote bank.
-> Shameless amar singh made it a his prestige(?) issue.
-> Raj Thakrey succeeded to use media very well.
-> After few days things will come on the right Track, ITS INDIA.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Life is busy

Since when college has started again its going to be a hectic schedule where u wake up on 7AM sharp and reach to the college on 9AM and comes back on 6PM. So moral of the story is that no time for any other thing to do. neither exercise nor study at home.

Sun yaar chill maar

For last 4-5 weeks i just love this show which comes on Bindaas Channel, and it is just a great show. This serial is blend with lots of humor and revolves around a canteen. :)
Must watch it.