Monday, January 21, 2008

India take the revenge

At last 16 game long winning streak has broken by the India like 6 years ago, great show by the Indian Cricket team through out the test match and showed the world that Aussie can be beaten in Test Matches.

Monkey given out on 12 and it was the best part of the match, well he was not out but his anger on umpire was not fine because he is a Cheater Cock.

Jeff Hardy

Deadly stunt done by Jeff Hardy it recalls me the way Owen Hart died during the action.

Here is the Owen Hart last fight Video.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two more

Two more papers left. MCA at COER is a good fun so far, and as far as papers are concern those were too long to solve in 3 hrs at least for me. and in most of the exams i attempted only 80%, god knows how will i score passing marks.
Yesterday was the most pathetic day for me in COER as i m feeling that in C Language i m going to awarded with the FAIL in this subject. But the worst thing is that C language teachers all efforts will go in vain if i gets fail.

Tomorrow is UNIX paper and perhaps our Unix teacher spent lots of time and efforts for us and i don't want to make her result poor so i should left the computer now and try to learn some boring commands of UNIX and its more boring tools.