Friday, June 29, 2007

Greedy Indians attitude

Perhaps my countrymen are at their best when it comes to looters, Here on Haridwar Highway few poor farmers were selling the mangoes on roadside (encroachment) but yesterday when Police was wiping out them from the highway by demolishing their temporary shops and picking up the mango boxes in their petrol cars (for their children) , farmers were crying and praying to the cops to let them go with their Mango stock but they simply deny. At the same time many pilgrims and local resident were passing in their cars and nobody hesitated to pick up those boxes which were full of mangoes. Now this is the trend which we (Indians) have in this holy city. We should die somewhere in Ganga river, where our honesty is cheaper than a dollar (The price of each mango box is not more than a dollar).

I admit that those farmers were also involve in the encroachment and turned out that highway into streets of a local market. But what about the attitude and behavior of Cops and Pilgrims. And I can ensure you that those cops and the passengers cum looters would be Hindu. Sometimes I feel shame why I born in this coward country. I never got even a single reason to joy or proud as an Indian.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pratibha Patil Vs Abdul Kalam

President poll is going on 24th of this month and nobody knows who is going to win the match. Now this unknown lady called Pratibha Patil is the strongest contender but believe me she could win this position 30-40 years ago by passing some pleasure to the senior congressmen. If this lady will become the president then god knows what will happen as you can see the past how badly this congress used governors for their own use. Can demolish any government any moment will be the play.

Where our current and most popular President Mr. Abdul Kalam is a gentleman who don't want to become the president this time if all parties don't support him. This is the first time I saw so much shouting for the post President of India. Nowadays every party wants to utilize every single and tiny powers of the President.

Mission Impossible: MCA Admission

Well again I have appeared in the Entrance Examination of MCA and I am sure I will not succeed this time also. Paper was too tough to compete with those who wasted whole year for its preparation. My preparation was not up to the mark as I was doing the silly 12th mathematics but paper was slightly ahead from 12th std.

But still Some hope is alive till result comes but 90% failure chances are fixed. My General Knowledge section was good, reasoning was excellent but Maths grrrrr, perhaps this time I must arrange some money for admission (Donation) unlike last year; that means Rs. 40,000 extra, Perhaps any bank will sanction the study loan. otherwise I don't know what will happen but for me MCA is must because that will enhance my knowledge, bring some college fun, may be this time i will find a gal for me and break the routine work which I have been doing since last 18 months. I know its quite tough to learn along with full time job but as usual I will bunk the classes.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Gautami Kapoor new Tulsi Virani

While Mihir Virani had three actors playing him.

1) Amar Upadhyay
2)Inder Kumar
3) Ronit Roy

but his better half has remained constant for nearly a decade. But all that's soon going to change because Smriti Z Iraani is taking a break from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi to make way for Gautami Kapoor.

Perhaps this show will lose its charm because of most popular TV Bahu has been busy with her own production house, OR people will start watching this serial again who stopped because of the length of this Drama which is almost seven non stop years.

Gautami Kapoor new Tulsi Virani