Friday, June 29, 2007

Greedy Indians attitude

Perhaps my countrymen are at their best when it comes to looters, Here on Haridwar Highway few poor farmers were selling the mangoes on roadside (encroachment) but yesterday when Police was wiping out them from the highway by demolishing their temporary shops and picking up the mango boxes in their petrol cars (for their children) , farmers were crying and praying to the cops to let them go with their Mango stock but they simply deny. At the same time many pilgrims and local resident were passing in their cars and nobody hesitated to pick up those boxes which were full of mangoes. Now this is the trend which we (Indians) have in this holy city. We should die somewhere in Ganga river, where our honesty is cheaper than a dollar (The price of each mango box is not more than a dollar).

I admit that those farmers were also involve in the encroachment and turned out that highway into streets of a local market. But what about the attitude and behavior of Cops and Pilgrims. And I can ensure you that those cops and the passengers cum looters would be Hindu. Sometimes I feel shame why I born in this coward country. I never got even a single reason to joy or proud as an Indian.


Anonymous said...

Its easy to see a glass half empty - but difficult to see it half full!

Guys like you who are not proud of their country are not worth their salt! India - has many faults & many things to be proud of!

Ask not what the country has done for you - tell us what have you done for your country!

Whinging & whining are easy & thats why you are doing those! Its difficult to do something constructive!

Help make your country better! Do something constructive & then tell us about it!

How about donating money for poor Indian child's education! go & donate at or for starters!

abhishek arora

aakash said...

Hi vineet,
You are so right! It's shame on us as a human being more even Indian. India itself is such a big country with so many culture and good things. But when this kind of things happens, really one can't be happy of being an Indian. Tell me what is the relevance of saying "Great India - Land of saints". Like every coin have two faces, India is bitter on other side.