Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mission Impossible: MCA Admission

Well again I have appeared in the Entrance Examination of MCA and I am sure I will not succeed this time also. Paper was too tough to compete with those who wasted whole year for its preparation. My preparation was not up to the mark as I was doing the silly 12th mathematics but paper was slightly ahead from 12th std.

But still Some hope is alive till result comes but 90% failure chances are fixed. My General Knowledge section was good, reasoning was excellent but Maths grrrrr, perhaps this time I must arrange some money for admission (Donation) unlike last year; that means Rs. 40,000 extra, Perhaps any bank will sanction the study loan. otherwise I don't know what will happen but for me MCA is must because that will enhance my knowledge, bring some college fun, may be this time i will find a gal for me and break the routine work which I have been doing since last 18 months. I know its quite tough to learn along with full time job but as usual I will bunk the classes.

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