Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pratibha Patil Vs Abdul Kalam

President poll is going on 24th of this month and nobody knows who is going to win the match. Now this unknown lady called Pratibha Patil is the strongest contender but believe me she could win this position 30-40 years ago by passing some pleasure to the senior congressmen. If this lady will become the president then god knows what will happen as you can see the past how badly this congress used governors for their own use. Can demolish any government any moment will be the play.

Where our current and most popular President Mr. Abdul Kalam is a gentleman who don't want to become the president this time if all parties don't support him. This is the first time I saw so much shouting for the post President of India. Nowadays every party wants to utilize every single and tiny powers of the President.

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