Friday, May 23, 2008

Looking for a serious Job

As I get failed in a subject, so my Loan approval for the next year could be ditch by the bank officials, so the only way is to earn some serious money from the next month.

Trust Alexa rankings??

Do u trust Alexa Rankings...
It shows u ranking based on the users who installed Alexa Toolbar and I am also performing some R&D lets hope for the best.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

History repeats itself

I am remembering those graduation days when I had been failed in a subject or two every semester, this time same thing happed with me in MCA also. Failure give you sad feeling but it doesn't belong to me anymore, I am used too of it, Today my result announced and as usual I am failed in a subject called C Language.

I was expected such result, for my other batch mates who faced such failure first time, there were just clueless what had happened with them. I feel sorry for Priyanka Gupta Mam who put lots of effort in the class and I am one of among those students who demolished her result. Perhaps I can do better in the C Language exam but don't know what had happened to me. But mother of all is that I was not prepared well for the exams last sem. Things are worst in this semester because of some horrible results in the class tests. God Bless me....

Friday, May 09, 2008

MCA Exams from 28th May

Another heart breaking news I received is that my exams are commencing from 28th of this month. No preparation yet and it is hard to pass me in any subject for now. Lets focus on study so no more Internet and stop working.

Visit to Patna

Very bad 2 days experience in journey indeed because I travel in a Sleeper class compartment and I was thinking it should have been AC coach. Local Passengers encroachment in reserved compartment is something which make you angry.

Patna is a city where you don't often see the cars except Maruti 800 and Ambassador, roads are full from potholes, city beatification is NILL, house are like they are built on LOC of Indo Pak border but it is a cheap city for accommodation, food and travel. Mother of all is that I came back safely without facing any missing luggage or theft as my friends were saying me before boarding that I am going in a thieves city.