Wednesday, May 21, 2008

History repeats itself

I am remembering those graduation days when I had been failed in a subject or two every semester, this time same thing happed with me in MCA also. Failure give you sad feeling but it doesn't belong to me anymore, I am used too of it, Today my result announced and as usual I am failed in a subject called C Language.

I was expected such result, for my other batch mates who faced such failure first time, there were just clueless what had happened with them. I feel sorry for Priyanka Gupta Mam who put lots of effort in the class and I am one of among those students who demolished her result. Perhaps I can do better in the C Language exam but don't know what had happened to me. But mother of all is that I was not prepared well for the exams last sem. Things are worst in this semester because of some horrible results in the class tests. God Bless me....

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