Friday, March 30, 2007

Dollar Boo

Dollar is sinking day by day and i m feeling like my salary has been deducted or my demotion but its because of stupid US currency is going down day by day. Since childhood I heard that Rupees is weaker and weaker but when I started earning in dollars i am feeling that Rupees is stable but dollar is losing its strength. And my UTI bank shows full greediness when they exchange my money.

Money is something which never fascinated me, only two things that makes me crazy and those are Power and beautiful gals :P. One day I want to become a MP or MLA or a powerful businessman.


Anonymous said...

be MLA and MP and than start corruption as usual

Anonymous said...


Learn to read the financial pages!

When you were a kid, the Indian rupee was not a good currency to put your savings in. Buying land would have been the best way to invest then.

But today, as I have been advising my US-resident brother, start converting your savings to Euros and to Indian Rupees since the US dollar is in terminal decline.

Wonder when 1USD will equal less than 10INR as it used to in the 1970s!

Vineet Kumar said...

Yaar I lives in India and dont earn so much that I can invest in Euros :D