Sunday, March 11, 2007

The 2007 Cricket World Cup

Just one more day to go and cricket fever will struck Indian Sub continent badly. I repaired my 18 years old color TV again, I have stopped counting how much time it has repaired. Perhaps I will purchase a new TV but after 3 months.

Pakistan will play with host on Tuesday and I think Pakistan will thrash West Indies with ease. Its not like Pakistan is a very good team but its West Indies who will give them such a chance, start with a victory always cheer up team and supporters.

Well, India will play their first match against Bangladesh on 17th of March, no worries. I think Mahendra Singh Dhoni will be the best player of the tournament, I like this Player too much, the way he hit sixes is awesome.

Rahul Dravid With World Cup


soody said...

Nice Pic , but you know this time who will take world cup ???

Vineet Kumar said...

Soody Bhai Pakistan ko jeeta de kya :D