Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Biharis in Mumbai

Either Biharis in Mumbai OR Raj Thackeray are in trouble, idiot Politicians are trying to spoil the country by distributing peoples on the basis of their origin but Biharis people also understand that they should reduce the rate of migration and try to mix/respect to the locals.

Bihar has a good past but now politicians like Lalu Prasad made things worst so that common man don't want to live in Bihar and want to migrate for job/business. In Delhi Bihari is an abuse due to large number of people(Bihari) are rickshaw puller and because of them good respected Bihari are also treated as Rickshaw puller.

Perhaps things will change and Bihar will regain its dignity like they had in past.


Anonymous said...

Yar vineet i can't comment on this post, you know its your internal matter and if i say something than people will say that its interference from foreign powers:)

Vineet said...


Here some peoples feel that Biharis are foreigner in India.