Saturday, March 17, 2007

Roorkee: Pictur hall

Yukk!! Very bad picture hall indeed, I spent two hours in that dirty place, seats was like state transport of Uttar Pradesh, very horrible experience, only four peoples was in the theater, me, my friend and a couple, what couple was doing there, u can imagine :)

"Nehle pe dehla" was the movie name which was another shock for me, very bad drama. I wasted my Rs. 27.50 for a pathetic movie and foul smell was like I was in morgue. Perhaps I will never visit there again. But its irony that Roorkee doesn't has any good Cinema hall.


Soody said...

i think you are too much frustated now a days , the things which you are used to from ages, suddenly give you trouble .hummmm, that's why i suggest you become groom as soon as possible, before you become psycho.Everything is same as it was, but something is change inside you :)
and one thing please remove this word verification box, its annoy me every time i post comment.

Vineet Kumar said...

Why should i marry, i m just 25, look at urself plz :D

soody said...

Abhi tu ma jawan hon ,
abhi meri umar hi kia ha, abhi tu mera khailnay kodnay k din hain or tum mujh Dohla bananay per tulay hoa ho