Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rawan wins

My mood is off today, Lankans beat Indians and kept them out from Cricket World Cup 2007, like Pakistan India is also out from the tournament, now Pakistani team can play in prison and Indian players shall start acting in Bollywood movies. Unlike Ramayan, Rawan won today and Ram was helpless because some idiots were representing India.

IDI0T Cricketers broke so many hearts again, me and my friends are very upset and now I am feeling ashamed that I am an Indian, must have born in Australia, at least Aussie have some self esteem but Indian team don't understand what the self esteem is. They know how to act in an ad or just refuse what the spectators/fans think.


Gladiator said...

So true man..!
Its is really heartbreaking to see an indian team go out like this..! EVEN AFTER HAVING PLAYERS WITH SO MANY YEARS EXPERIENCE IN INDIAN TEAM..!
First we ditched experienced players for "Young Blood".., then we ditched the "young Blood" for teh experienced players.>!
Wat came at the end was a bunch of utterly useless confused bundle of players..!
They play only for Money.! Perhaps if tehre was a CAR or Bike for an "Man of teh Series"Award .., then Ganguly, Sachin and Dhoni wud have played..!
But Alas...........!!!!

Anonymous said...

Few days ago, we Pakistanis were sad and now its your turn my friend, now in this field Pakistan and India are equal, we are looking forward to see the players back home.Pak media already start their trial and now Star news got a very hot topic to make you entertain guys,just chill out.
A cricketer lover with broken heart

Vineet Kumar said...

oh no, Missed Bak Bak on Star News :(

Anonymous said...

Follow the money!

By which I mean, who bet for India to lose so early?