Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Scapegoat: Greg Chappell

Why India is out from Cricket World Cup so early??? ummmmm, BCCI is searching a scapegoat rather than try to find out the answer of this question.

Few easy steps will take place in coming days to keep people silent so that Indian public will forget this loss. One of them is Greg Chappell, his contract is almost finished according to BCCI and they are in no hurry to extend his contract. For me if your world class players cant score 200+ runs on the board in 50 overs than there is something wrong with the batsmen, if our bowlers can bowled out teams like Bangladesh then anybody can judge the standard of our bowling attack.

Rahul Dravid -> He is backing up some pathetic players like Virender Sehewag, Ajit Agarkar and Harbhajan Singh and neglecting players like Dinesh Karthik, Anil Kumble and Sreesanth, so what is the resultant come out: India is out from first round.

Sourav Ganguly -> Since his comeback he knew one thing that how can you score some runs with low strike rate. Everybody(means Bangali) says that if Sachin can stay in team than why not Sorav sustain in final eleven. He was a very good captain, I agreed but how can anybody play because his captaincy was good. Kick him off and let the Sachin open.

Harbhajan Singh -> A useless bowler who don't know how to take wickets, everybody can take wickets, even part time bowlers like Sachin or Sehewag but naa he will never learn .

Virender Sehewag -> And selectors who are barking that they will do this and that don't trust Young blood and also keep out Laxman and kaif after this irony is that Sehewag can get his form anytime. Sehewag should go back to Najafgarh and start selling milk which other jaat do.

Ajit Agarkar -> First of all get rid off the all rounder tag, then don't give him any chance even in ranji trophy. He is in team because he belongs from Mumbai otherwise he could have dump 5 years ago.

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