Monday, March 12, 2007

Love Guru: Matuknath

Hindi Prof Matuknath became an idol for many couples overnight. 60 years old man having fun with 30 years old gal(Julie). Mrs. Abha, wife of Prof Matuknath would be very disappointing, she had spoiled her life with Matuknath and in return what does she get Divorce, but Pyar Diwana hota hai,

Yesterday me and my friends were talking about this issue, few were saying Matuknath is right and other were abusing Matuknath, Must say Matuknath a Lucky man, look at me still alone and trying to find a single gal :(


avneesh vasistha said...

don't worry day you will get a beautiful gal.on that that you will be find your self the luckiest person in the world.have a ball:)

SoodySays said...

yes my freind you are right, the prof is luckier than you ,you know there is No Life wihtout Wife , you have to take some action , start breaking plates and glasses in home, bartan toro gay tu mata pita ko tumhari fikar ho gi kay , bacha ab shadi karna mangta ha :). other wise you will sing all of your life this song,,,,,yaro sab dya karo mil k faryad karo,,,,
best of luck

Vineet Kumar said...

Naa Soody Bhai wrong pridiction, I want a gal frnd and u r suggesting wife, very bad idea indeed.

Anonymous said...

Read this blog

this vashi is amazing he has written one poetry for matuknath.
you are young so right now you feel lust makes a love relationship as you are needy i understand your pain but beauty lies in the eyes of beholders.