Saturday, March 10, 2007

How to lose weight

Exercise is becoming curse day by day, I want to lose my weight but i feel after joining gym i got few more pounds on my waist. Idiot trainer is clueless, when i was kid i always wished that God plz give me few extra pounds and look god listen my wish but too late.

Going to gym for lossing wait......


Anonymous said...

I lost quite a bit of weight easily.

Adapt Atkins diet for your situation.

I am a diabetic and overweight - I can state from personal experience that my health improved once I increased my fat and protein intake and reduced carbohydrates to the minimum possible.

So eat lots of paneer, vegetables (spinach and vine leaves, beans, peas, etc.) and avoid rotis, bhaat and root vegetables. (That sounds like a jain diet...)

Vineet Kumar said...

grrr 90kg Now :((