Thursday, March 22, 2007

Open your mouth .....

Some people never brush teeth properly and that causes cavity with some bonus like pain or foul breathing smells. Although I brush my teeth at least once in a day but instead of that dentist was lucky.

Appointment with Dentist is always painful experience, Dentist says "open your mouth wide, wide and little bit more please, okay now i can sit in your mouth". The way he was working on my teeth I was recalling some old hollywood movies in which a psycho doctor had murdered his patient without showing any mercy.

Again three days later more shifts will take place. God Bless me!!


Anonymous said...

I was born in Africa and people had good teeth without needing to brush their teeth.

Of course, they were generally too poor to eat the highly processed, loaded with sugar, foodstuff that rich people with westernised diets consume!

Stop drinking soda/pop unless it is sugar-free! Fruit juices are lethal for your teeth unless you rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwards.

Drink your tea/coffee without milk or sugar.

Vineet Kumar said...

Without sugar Yuk!!