Friday, March 16, 2007

Government hospital in Roorkee

I visited Government Hospital today, Unlike other Government Hospitals it was neat and clean, I paid 5 rupees and my name had been registered in their database. I was looking for my nose check up, my nose was choked like municipality drain for 6 days.

After half an hour the doctor called me, his room condition was very bad, he wasn't fully equipped and my friend was telling me that many medical equipment have been purchased by doctor himself otherwise there was no facility gave by governing body. Helpless doctor was writing patient's name on the back of register due the lack of stationary, I don't know what will happen after that :(

He prescribed me some tablets, nothing was serious. My friend scared me, he was saying that it might be possible that your nose could go for surgery or symptoms of cancer and many more views were coming, so I opt cheaper option and thats why I visit government hospital, that doctor was also laughing when i asked him was that any cancer symptom.


Anonymous said...

You should be thankful to your friend that he only suggest you things related to nose, otherwise he can find symtoms of Apendex or kidney pain in your nose.

Anonymous said...

In the UK our health ministry always recommend one to eat a very hot Indian curry if one's nose is bunged up. (They show Public Service Announcements on TV with such advice - as well as posters on billboards!)

Only then pester your GP if that does not clear it up!

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acha hai.