Friday, April 13, 2007

Cable TV Sucks Choose DTH

Three years ago if your cable wala was giving you a pathetic telecast OR unnecessary hike in rent then you would not have any other way to kick him out from your daily life but now things have changed, I can threaten my Cable wala by DTH(Direct To Your Home). And now look now things are working very effectively, Cable wala sudhar gaya hai, he comes on a single call and try to deliver us a better broadcast with less interruptions.

I don't want to fire him because he is with us for 13 years but sometimes he motivates me to purchase a Dish Antenna :). Dish TV is quite expensive (about Rs. 100 extra per month) but its quality is awesome, my tenant use TATA Sky and they are very happy with it. In my home we use one TV but Dish TV can create problem if u use 2 or more Television sets.

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avneesh vasistha said...

dude this is not the matter of kicking him out because hi is with you for last 13 years or its quite expensive.
Its a duty of each & every person to give threaten to cable wala otherwise after some time new rule will come & they again start their monopoly.
so its time to purchase the TATA sky,DTH which one you like...
n enjoy the different channels with good quality...