Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sonia Gandhi: Flogging a dead horse

For me Uttar Pradesh elections are no more for Congress party. Its a very tough task for Congress to take a comeback in UP where bullets are more effective than ballot. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi can pull mammoth crowd but how many will turn into vote bank is still a question. But crowd during Sonia Gandhi rally is also a nightmare for other parties. Prime Minister is also going to hit trail in UP and road shows of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi is also going on.

Our Prince Mr. Rahul Gandhi is framing charges against Mulayam Government but I personally believe that Mulayam did a good job as a CM except some flaws due to center and state coordination, one example is still alive and that is state transport between UP and Delhi is still on halt due to some big ego problem with State Transport Minister of Delhi Mr. Haroon Yusuf. Whatever Mulayam has done for Uttar Pradesh is good but young blood like Rahul Gadhi can create some good environment in our sick politics.

Few years back Mulayam was presenting his son as a replacement of Rahul Gandhi in UP but Mulayam Singh's Kid is completely failure in politics. Media is supporting indirectly Sonia Gandhi don't know why, may be because of old connections between Congress and media.

Ummm one good news, you may get a ticket for MLA from BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) as Mayawati is on sale :D

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Arjun said...

The pseudo-liberals, communists and wannabe intellectuals are like a virus in India. They have lost touch with their sophisticated Vedic heritage and way of life, and are prisoners of their low-level minds.

These guys are the reason for instability and division in India. Hindutva is the only uniting philosophy and way of life, not only in India, but the entire world. It is not an organized religion as most others in the world which promote division and violent expansionism.

Hinduism in its various forms is being accepted increasingly all over the world in such times of darkness where all other religions have failed. It is extremely important that India preserve this bright light of Vedic teachings for the benefit of mankind. Every Indian should consciously discourage such pseudo-secular and pseudo-modern thinking, and get that dumb, corrupt ex-Italian waitress out of power as soon as possible.