Friday, April 20, 2007

Running - Can I lose some pounds

Another tiring morning, working till morning and then took a 2 km run then reached to gym and after wasting 2 hrs came back at home. My coach says that running is the best way to shape your body. Running is very effective as it doesn't need any kind of extra effort like swimming does, where you must search a pool but in India pool culture is not popular yet. If have money then you can dig one swimming pool in your house like MS Dhoni did, but we(poor) people either swim directly on the banks of Ganga River or don't swim.

Unlike swimming pool in my city Roorkee you don't need any pool pass/membership fee for swimming and look we every year 30-40 people drown in Ganga. Last week about 7 people drown in the river, may be they drunk or etc etc, 10 years back when I was in 10th std. I almost drown in Ganga but my friend save my life and I can still remember those moments. That was horrible experience and after that I never tried to take a bath in Ganga again.


SOODY Says said...

Come on vineet, you are already look like a size zero model, don't waste your time on these things and do something productive by which your country can get benefit.
For pools when there will be rain, streets and roads will become pool automatically due to great maintainace work which is going on all of the year, when gas dep come they dig, when they gone water authorities come and dig the area, when they gone and fill the area , than telephone and electricity come and do the rest and when all finish, than it will start again, so you have no lack of pools, have fun in govt pools and be happy, just wait for the right time and right place.

Anonymous said...

you mean can i lose some kgs?

Vineet Kumar said...


Anonymous said...

The best painless way to lose weight is to adopt the Atkins diet!