Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bye Bye Greg Chappell

At last Sachin send him back to Australia. These white peoples think that they are the best in any manner. Can raise questions on the loyalty of players. They think they are more patriotic then Indians are. Only Greg Chappell was right and other team members were wrong, one or two players can be wrong but 5 players including Sachin, naa. I think after WC defeat Greg Chappell was trying to save his job and the resultant is that he is no more with the team.

You may fire any player because of its bad form but to criticize players like Sachin that he is not loyal for his country is awful.

Perhaps Greg Chappell is not the only responsible person for the defeat but coach can make you a champion, look at Bangladesh, they are playing very well. Indian team moral is finished and now Rahul Dravid should resign as Captain because its not an easy task for selectors to step him down. Rahul Dravid is failure as a Captain. And look irony is that he is enjoying his defeat at kovalam beach.

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Anonymous said...

for some reason this thread sucks BIGTIME!!! what can chappell do if big names likes sachin fail miserably