Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Famous Funda In India: Just Fall In Pit

If you want some media coverage then its very easy in India, just find a pit/water well and throw your child in it. But be sure you have informed to electronic media then media will show you how things are working for that child from day one till child come out successfully. For such kind of accident government sends Army to help our good for nothing local administration. Good use of Army, you can't find such use of Army anywhere in the world.

These cases are taking place in the villages where people start digging for water and open that pit till somebody drops in it.


Anonymous said...

well youre not really a bright fellow! what in the world does "funda" mean. i mean i know what "punda" means in tamil bit you really should start taking english lessons.

Vineet Kumar said...

You Idlli Sambhar Funda means way to success

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