Monday, April 09, 2007

Item girl Rakhi Sawant

Recently I found that on TV channels one beautiful(?) lady is ruling and that is none other than Rakhi Rawant, she is hosting a show, coming in music video as super woman etc etc. This lady is getting more than she deserves, You can find a dinosaurs but it's impossible to find a Rakhi Sawant's fan on this earth.

Sometimes I feel that she is a man in gal's body, looks ugly with lots of attitude in her talks like she is the worlds most beautiful woman and people are crazy to see her but she knows how to get cheap popularity, no matter how do u earn that, by controversial dance in Kolhapure or kissing scandal(publicity stunt) with Mikka(another idiot) as usual our news channels treated those issues as national issues and joined it with the woman dignity and respect and look Rakhi and Mikka both are happy now.


Thyag said...

Horrible female; I fully agree with you. I do not know why the media gives her such a huge portraite of her. She does not have class. She does not show intelligence. She looks ugly and what more.

Unfortunately media hype!!

'nu_anse said...

i am amazed to look a her attitude whenever se faces the camera.. shes getting so much publicity the reaso cud be huge fan following who knows .... we are indians you never know whi reigns or who falls