Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bodybuilding supplement: shall i take it???

After running 2 km twice in a week perhaps i will lose some weight but my tummy is still as it was 4 months back. My gym wala was saying that I should eat the protein rich diet and specially bodybuilding supplements which contains zero fat. Perhaps he wants to sell those products or may be he is right, Or few more pounds can put on my waist, I saw many Goray (Foreigners) who eat such supplements regularly and by god they look like a fitness freak. Don't take panga with them :D

In morning because of heavy rain I came back at home, Gym was converted into a small pond instead of that many guys was doing exercise, Yukkk I cant workout in such untidy environment. Gym owner says he will make his gym fully AC in few months but I am not sure, Sala koi AC Gym bhi nahi hai Roorkee mein.


Anonymous said...

Anything which is ban for players ,start eating it and with in few days you will run like a horse, trust me ;)

Francis Simisim said...

be careful about taking supplements, last thing you want to happen is it starts harming you.

Im Francis Simisim, I was an exbody builder

Vineet Kumar said...

yes francis its side effects are major concern.

Anonymous said...

Not all of us have the morphology to develop our body to look like Schwartznegger no matter how much we workout. This is a matter of genetics. Any of your male cousins on your father's side with a good physique? (I have known gorays who could never develop however much they worked out. They may have looked like stick-insects but were strong. An experienced gym trainer can tell who can bodybuild successfully.)

Weight training makes you heavier by developing muscle mass - if this is your aim then a high protein diet may be helpful.

Running is good for your cardio-vascular system - develops stamina.

However the most you can expect to lose is 1 kg of body fat if you spend six months running 4 km per week! Not very efficient way of losing weight. If you run 50 km per week then you can expect to lose 1kg every fortnight.

The most efficient way to lose weight is to watch what you eat!
Leave 25% of your normal food intake uneaten!

Anonymous said...

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Mehlub said...
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