Sunday, August 31, 2008

Trinamool Congress OR Turmoil Congress

I heard and read that once upon a time West Bengal was a Industrial Capital of India but things have changed so rapidly that most of the business has been shifted towards Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is sad to read that TATA may shift its TATA NANO plant from West Bengal to some other state because of few Bengali hooligans, especially Trinamool Congress which is spreading fire among the farmers who lost thier land in this case.

If the Nandigram plant shuts down then every other company will afraid from the investment or any other development in the West Bengal and in that case Bandh and strike is the future of West Bengal, As we know our so called leaders are trying to provide the better compensation for farmers but at which cost?? Issues can be resolved but Mamta Banerjee thinks only terror is the only way to sort out this problem. Terror among TATA Employees, Terror among TATA Group and Terror among administration. If TATA cant survive in the West Bengal then no other company can survive there.

Ofcourse some other faults were from West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee who thought he can snatch any land to anybody but this time some stubborn ppl are indocile. Better compensation and few jobs for farmers can resolve this problem.


Neesh Q said...

Poor Bengal! Hope things get better for these farmers...Sorry if I sound ignorant since I live in the States, but isn't there some sort of centralized form of goverment that can petition these happenings?

Anonymous said...

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